Martin Hikmat Gozami (2016)

MHG at work in the hospital

“Art is a form of communication between me and my environment, which consists of friends, family, personal and worldwide events and changes. Therefor my art develops with me and my relation to my environment.”


Born in 1990 in Erbil, Iraq. My Family and I flew to Austria in 1991, there I grew up, live and work in its capital city, named Vienna. (…for Educational info, scroll down this page…) My artworks range between figurative and abstract, visually equivalent to essays on modern semiotics. I appreciate Philosophers and Semioticians like Jean Baudrillard, Byung-Chul Han, Roland Barthes, Umberto Eco,…


2020 Mar10
Graduation “Dr.med.univ.” (MD)

2013 – 2019
Human Medicine
— Medical University, Vienna (MUW)
(since 2016 working as a Physiology tutor at MUW)

2013 – 2016
Fine Arts: Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques
at Prof. Gunter Damisch † (deceased)
— Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Diploma in Textile Design (with honour)

Civil Service (in lieu to Military)

Graduation (with honour) from High School of Sciences