Surroundings of the Self

An exhibition held together with Julia Bugram (the works are tagged by the name of the artist, in the photographs shown below).

Both artists show scenes taken out of their personal experiences and surroundings.
There, in the exhibition’s midst, are moments which most people wouldn’t concern important nor special.
Further, the so developed language consisting of objects, landscapes, bodies and personalities will be displayed.
These visual notes lead to knowing and depicting the artist without having a self-portrait in the proper sense.

Duration: 3-5 February 2016

District Administration of Vienna 9th district
in the banquet hall (2nd floor)
Währinger Straße 43, 1090 Wien

Cordial Thanks to Erste Bank and Caritas Austria for sponsoring 72 sketchbooks in total (36 Martin, 36 Julia)!

Visitor photographs

PORTRAITS SERIES (36 pieces by Martin Hikmat Gozami)